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5 Actors - Run Time 1h 45m

Becky has worked all her life to get out of the mountains. Then her grandmother Maud decides to sell the family farm, forcing Becky to confront who she is and who she wants to be. This musical fable flashes between the past and the present, revealing what might have been and what still might be. A story of love, longing, and second chances set in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.

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6 Actors, Run Time 55m

A young orphan named Billy discovers magic in a stolen hat when he places it on a snowman’s head and that snowman comes to life! But can Frosty the snowman help Billy find his real family in time for Christmas? Join Billy and Frosty as they embark on a New York City adventure filled with thrills and chills and the discovery that the real magic of Christmas is Love.

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6 Actors, Run Time 50m

It’s not easy being the twin brother of Santa’s #1 Helper–and no one knows that better than Jangle the Elf. No matter what job Jangle is assigned to in Santa’s Workshop, his sister Jingle can do it faster and better. Then a letter arrives for Santa at the North Pole, a letter requiring a Top Priority Gift. The trouble is no one–including Jingle–knows how to make it. Will Jangle be able to save the day–and Christmas?

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